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Faculty Online Grading Procedures

Step-by-step instructions for online grading are as follows:

  1. Login to CyberFriar
  2. Click on “Faculty Services”
  3. Click on the appropriate designation for “View/Enter Final (or Mid Term) Grades”
  4. Select the current term and “Submit”
  5. Select the appropriate Course Reference Number (CRN) for the course you wish to grade
  6. Select grade from pull-down list in the “Grade” column – follow instructions at top of the page referring to grades. If you do not submit a final grade for a student, the grade of NM (No Mark) will be issued to the student. (Lab sections are separate from the course. Please be sure to grade these sections accordingly. Please note: Lab sections from approved departments are automatically graded by The Office of the Registrar. All other lab courses must be graded by the instructor. DWC Seminar courses are auto-graded with the grade of NG).
  7. Click on the “SUBMIT GRADES” button at the bottom of the page when completed (a confirmation message will appear at top of the page)
  8. Review your online grade sheet and confirm that all students have been graded appropriately. If a name does not appear on your final grade roster, this means the student is not registered for the course and, therefore, cannot be assigned a grade. You must report this to the appropriate dean immediately since the student cannot be graded until registration is resolved.
  9. If desired, print a copy of submitted grades for your records
  10. Exit CyberFriar